Sacred Fire Technique
Rōmanji 聖炎術
Literal English Holy Fire Technique
Technique Data
Classification Hiden, Ninjutsu, Fighting Style
Nature Nature Icon Fire Fire Release

Nature Icon Yin Yin Release

Class Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range Short to Long Range
Technique History
Related Techniques Black Lightning, Purple Electricity
Technique Users
The Sacred Fire Technique is a unique form of Fire Release utilized by the members of the Meiō Clan. It is a special technique that allows the users to modify their own fire-based Chakra and create a completely different type of fire.


Users of the Sacred Fire Technique are capable of using this special form of Fire Release as a way to increase the overall potential and efficiency of their Fire Release techniques. The various types of flames produced by the Sacred Fire Technique are not only much stronger than "regular" Fire Release, but also possess their own individual characteristics and unique abilities.

Advantages and Drawbacks

Levels of Fire

Crimson Fire

Crimson Flame (紅炎, Kōen): The first level of the Sacred Fire and the most common. Pure red in color, the Crimson Fire possesses 1.5 times the power of the regular flames produced with Fire Release and is much hotter as a result.

Gold Fire

Golden Flame (金炎, Kinen): A more evolved form of the Crimson Fire; pure gold in color. Unlike the other Sacred Fires, which burn hotter than regular Fire and possesses more power, the Golden Fire is instead denser and possesses a smothering quality to them.

Unlike the other Fires, the Golden Flame is more often reserved Meiō Clan's rituals and traditions.

Blue Fire

Violet Fire

White Fire

Rainbow Fire

Notes and Trivia

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