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Naruto Ryūzaki
Naruto Genin.jpg
Name Naruto Ryūzaki
Kanji 龍咲•ナルト
Romanji Ryūzaki Naruto
Titles Naruto of the Wood Style (木遁のナルト, Mokuton no Naruto, Literally meaning: Naruto of the Wood Release)
Character Information
Personal Status
Status Alive
Birthdate October 10
Age Part I: 10-13

Part II: 15-17

Gender Male
Height 145.3 cm
Weight 40.1 kg
Blood Type B
Hometown Konohagakure
Home Country Land of Fire
Clan Ryūzaki Clan
Clan House Head Family
Family Minato Ryūzaki

Kushina Ryūzaki
Tsuande Ryūzaki
Jiraiya Namikaze
Nawaki Ryūzaki
Hashirama Senju
Mito Senju

Partner Natsumi Ryūzaki
Team Team Shisui
Bingo Information
Rank Chūnin
Classification Sensor

Seal Master

Ninja Registration 012590
Contract Lions
Academy Grad. Age 10
Chūnin Prom. Age 13
Jōnin Prom. Age 15
Bloodline Nature Icon Wood.svg Wood Release
Hiden Techniques .
Nature Type Nature Icon Wood.svg Wood Release

Nature Icon Water.svg Water Release
Nature Icon Earth.svg Earth Release

Tools and Weapons Konoha Chakra Blade


Naruto Ryūzaki (龍咲•ナルト, Ryūzaki Naruto) is a Genin-level Shinobi of Konohagakure's Noble Ryūzaki Clan, hailing from the Main Family. He is the only son and youngest child of the late Minato and Kushina Ryūzaki, and the Grandson of Tsunade Ryūzaki and Dan Katō.

As a member of Team Shisui, Naruto's drive as a Ninja is to live up to the great legacy and expectations left to him.



Curse of Corruption




Chakra Prowess and Control

Life Force and Physical Prowess



Nature Transformation

Medical Ninjutsu



Other skills

Part I

Prologue: As time passes by

Introduction: The Prince, the Huntress, and Phantom

Formation: Team Shisui of the Hidden Leaf

Land of Rivers Arc

Return to Konoha

Chūnin Exams Arc

Journey to the Land of Heaven

Chūnin Exams: Phase One

Chūnin Exams: Phase Two

Chūnin Exams: Phase Three

Attack of the Hidden Sound

Chūnin Exams: End

Return to Konoha: Second Journey

Infiltrate the Land of Sound

Parting of Team Shisui

Interlude: Thinking of You, wherever You are

Part II

The Return


  • (Referring to Shisui) "He's an Elite Jōnin. What else needs be to said about him?"
  • (To Rika) "There are two type of people in this world: the people who lie to you because they want something from you, and the people who lie so they can get close to you. Both types hurt, but the latter especially. I'm proof of that."
  • "Sometimes, I'm so sure that all of this real. That everything that happened since I was rescued from that Cave actually happened. Then I go to sleep and I'm back in that cave, under a Genjutsu and I wake up screaming. On those days, I don't know what's real and what's not." ( to his team)
  • (Referring to the Uchiha Clan leaving to join Suna) "Can you really blame them? When you spend year and years getting treated with hatred and disrespect, you can either push it down and pretend you're okay, or you can do what's best for you and get away from it. They did what was best for them."
  • (To Tsunade) "When I was younger, I missed you so much and looked forward to seeing you whenever you visited the village. But then you stopped visiting as much, and you stopped writing, and it seemed like you didn't miss us. So I guess I stopped missing you too, somewhere along the way."

Notes and Trivia

  • My images for his Part II appearance are taken the popular anime series Yu Yu Hakusho: Kurama.
  • Although he goes to great lengths to cover it up, Naruto is actually a a huge pervert. This being said, only a select few individuals know about this.
  • According to the databook(s):
    • Naruto's hobby's are cooking, gardening, hiking, swimming, training, and meditating.
    • His favorite foods are Ramen, Seafood, and steamed vegetables. He dislikes most meats, especially pork.
    • Naruto wishes to fight...
    • Naruto's most used are Faith and Ambition
      • His favorite phrase are "Never loose sight of yourself" and "Never go back on your word"

Concept and Creation