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Meiō Clan
Name Meiō Clan
Kanji 冥王一族
Romanji Meiō Ichizoku
Literal English Underworld King Clan
Clan Data
Country of Origin Land of Whirlpools
Country of Living Land of Fire
Town of Origin Uzushiogakure
Town of Living Konohagakure
Clan Hiden Sacred Fire Technique

Flowing Blade

Clan Members
Leader(s) Ringo Meiō
Heir(s) Ichigo Meiō
Other Member(s) Sayuri Meiō

Akiza Meiō
Momo Meiō
Hanamaru Meiō

The Meiō Clan (冥王一族, Meiō Ichizoku) is one of the many clans based in Konohagakure, formerly of Uzushiogakure. They are known for their esoteric practices and unrivalled skill in Kyūjutsu, as well as their unique Fire Release techniques.



Secret Techniques

Clan Traditions


Notes and Trivia

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