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<section begin=summary />Kekkei Tōta (血継淘汰, Literally meaning: Bloodline Selection) is an advanced branch of jutsu that is more advanced than the jutsu class of kekkei genkai.[1] The only known example is Dust Release, a combination of three different nature transformationsearth, wind, and fire. <section end=summary />

List of Kekkei Tōta

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  • In the anime, it is stated that kekkei tōta users have an affinity for all three of the natures they can combine.[2]
  • In Gaara Hiden: A Sandstorm Mirage, it was stated that by combining two different kekkei genkai — in this case Lava and Steel Release — in one attack, the resulting attack would be a "pseudo-kekkei tōta" (擬似血継淘汰, Giji Kekkei Tōta).


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