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Gentle Sword
Leaf-Style Kenjutsu.gif
Kanji 柔剣
Rōmanji Jūken
Other Names Leaf-Style Kenjutsu (木ノ葉隠れ流剣術, Konohagakure-Ryū Kenjutsu, Literally meaning: Hidden Tree Leaf-Style Sword Technique)

Leaf-Style Sword Art (木ノ葉流剣法, Konoha-Ryū Kenpō, Literally meaning: Tree Leaf-Style Sword Art)
Leaf-Style (木ノ葉流, Konoha-Ryū, Literally meaning: Tree Leaf-Style)
Gentle Sword Style

Technique Data
Classification Hiden, Kenjutsu, Fighting Style
Class Offensive
Range Short to Mid range
Technique History
Parent Techniques Gentle Fist


Derived Technique Dance of the Crescent Moon

Leaf-Style Willow
Secret Sword: Hazy Moon Night
Secret Sword: Moon Light
Secret Sword: Moon Shadow
Slaying Moon

Related Techniques Flying Swallow
Technique Users
Users Tobirama Senju (Creator)

Kagami Uchiha
Hiruzen Sarutobi
Homura Mitokado
Koharu Utatane
Torifu Akimichi
Danzō Shimura
Sakumo Hatake
Orochimaru Natsu
Nawaki Ryūzaki
Minato Ryūzaki
Kushina Ryūzaki
Hizashi Hyūga
Mikoto Uchiha
Kakashi Hatake
Obito Uchiha
Rin Nohara
Asuma Sarutobi
Might Guy
Shisui Uchiha
Hayate Gekkō
Yūgao Uzuki
Itachi Uchiha
Kurenai Yūhi

The Gentle Sword (柔剣, Jūken) is the name given to the unique Kenjutsu style utilized by the Ninja of Konohagakure.


Gentle Sword was originally created by Tobirama Senju based off of his own studies of Iaidō; putting focus on speed and precision, it taught its users to to quickly force open within an opponent's defense to deal severe and critical blows. However, unlike traditional Iaidō, Gentle Sword also incorporates the use of Chakra Flow; coating their blade within two dense layers of Chakra prior to actually drawing their sword, and placing themselves into a position with their knees bent and their wrists circling the hilt of their sword.

Upon attacking, the user rushes towards their target and draws their sword at great speed. At the same time, the user applied Chakra control onto the "inner" layer of Chakra, compressing it into an needle-like apparition, unseeable and undetectable by normal means, similar to the Flying Swallow, while releasing the "outer" layer in precise bursts of Chakra at the moment of attack. This not only increases the speed and strength of their attacks, but it also greatly extends the reach and overall raw force of their sword strokes to greater levels.

Notes and Trivia

  • Originally, in its early days, Gentle Sword was known as Shadow Sword. Its name change and the secondary "explosive" part of its utilization were made sometime after the Uchiha Clan left Konoha.