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<section begin=summary />Chakra absorption techniques (チャクラ吸引術, Chakura Kyūin Jutsu, English TV: Chakra Absorption Jutsu) allow the user to absorb the chakra of another individual - usually an opponent's - and utilise it as if it were their own.<section end=summary /> Those who have had their chakra absorbed have reduced options in combat due to the lost chakra, and if enough chakra is taken they may be too weak to move.[1] Conversely, those who have absorbed the chakra have expanded combat options due to the increased chakra reserves and their physical condition may improve as a result.[2] However, users must be able to process the chakra they absorb; if they absorb senjutsu-chakra but do not have the required training in senjutsu, they will turn to stone.[3]

When absorbing another's chakra, most ninja require some medium through which to do so, whether it be a jutsu (as in several Wood Release techniques), a weapon (notably Samehada and the anime's Infinite Armour), or some other resource (as in the Aburame clan's kikaichū). Others are able to absorb chakra simply by making physical contact with a target. Known indivudals that can do this are: Yoroi Akadō;[4] Jirōbō;[5] Kisame Hoshigaki;[6] all Zetsu;[7][8] Madara Uchiha;[9] Obito Uchiha;[10] Fūka;[11] the Ultimate Summoning Beast.[12] Orochimaru is shown absorbing only his own chakra from Kabuto Yakushi;[13]so it's unclear if he can absorb all of a target's chakra if he so chooses.


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